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Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Resources focusing research on Harriet Tubman

Human Rights

Derechos human rights

Contains over 4,000 documents and web sites covering human rights issues, including news, organizations, the death penalty, and freedom of speech. The site also has its own search engine and a comprehensive human rights by country and regions section. English and Spanish versions are available.

Gender and HIV/AIDS - Web Portal

"UNIFEM, in collaboration with UNAIDS, developed this comprehensive gender and HIV/AIDS web portal to provide up-to-date information on the gender dimensions of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The site aims to promote understanding, knowledge sharing, and action on HIV/AIDS as a gender and human rights issue. While HIV/AIDS is a health issue, the epidemic is a gender issue. Statistics prove that both the spread and impact of HIV/AIDS are not random. HIV/AIDS disproportionately affects women and adolescent girls who are socially, culturally, biologically, and economically more vulnerable."

Human Rights in China

HRIC provides up to date information on human rights in China, including topics covering children's and worker's rights, religious freedom, media and censorship, the environment, Tibet, and Hong Kong.

Human Rights in Latin America

Contains articles, links, NGO information, and a hyperlinked map of Central and South America, which provides country specific reports.

Human Rights Internet

Provides links to educational resources, forums, projects, official reports, and articles relating to human rights. HRI also has its own searchable Internet directory.

Human Rights Watch

Contains current news, publications, campaigns, HRW reports, and a useful search engine. HRW is also available in Arabic, Chinese, French, and Spanish.

Human Rights Web

Provides general information, legal and political documents, and a thorough list of related links.

Hungarian Human Rights Foundation

Monitors the treatment of Hungarian minorities in Rumania, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, and Ukraine. Text is in English and Hungarian.

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission

Useful news alerts and essays. IGLHRC's mission is to protect and advance the human rights of all people and communities subject to discrimination or abuse on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or HIV status.

People's Movement for Human Rights Education

A non-profit, international service organization that works directly and indirectly with its network of affiliates - primarily women's and social justice organizations - to develop and advance pedagogies for human rights education relevant to people's daily lives. A Declaration on Human Rights from a Gender Perspective is included.

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

An indispensable site for international human rights information, including news, treaties, programs, documents, and a large source of related links.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Full text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as adopted by the General Assembly of the UN, on December 10, 1948.

Women Living Under Muslim Laws

A network of women whose lives are shaped, conditioned or governed by laws, both written and unwritten, drawn from interpretations of the Koran tied up with local traditions. They work to create links amongst women and women's groups (including those prevented from organizing or facing repression if they attempt to do so) within Muslim countries and communities.

Women's Human Rights Resources Database

Topics with associated lists of article citations, full-text articles, books, sites, documents and NGO reports. Selected information from the Bora Laskin Law Library - University of Toronto.