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Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Resources focusing research on Harriet Tubman

Women's Studies Journals

Below are only a few examples of on-line full-text journals or lists of journals associated with Women's Studies Research. To search a more extensive list of all U Albany electronic journals and databases Click here for, DATABASES BY SUBJECT, then select Women's Studies.  


Feminist Periodicals - University of Wisconsin-Madison, Women's Studies Office 
Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources

A list of the table of contents of past issues, along with some full text articles.

International Family Planning Perspectives and DigestAccessible to University at Albany users only

Available through JSTOR.


Feminist Africa provides a forum for progressive, cutting-edge gender research and feminist dialogue focused on the continent. By prioritising intellectual rigor, the journal seeks to challenge the technocratic fragmentation resulting from donor-driven and narrowly developmentalist work on gender in Africa." Cape Town, South Africa: African Gender Institute, 2002. For Feminist Africa: Diaspora Voices see (Issue 7 2007).


Jouvert - Journal of Postcolonial Studies

Includes some full-text articles and reviews on gender and postcolonial identities.


Authoring, Publishing

Open Source

Online Journal Collections

Here are examples of online full-text journal collections.These collections include a wide variety of journals which could be needed for women's studies research. Both of these are retrospective and do not have the most current issue of the journals.  

Press and Newsletters