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Internet Resources in Music

Freely available websites that cover a wide range of musical interests

Music Theory and Composition

teoría - Music Theory Web (José Rodriguez Alvira, Puerto Rico)

Includes: Online Music Theory Reference, articles about music, interactive exercises, links to other Web sites, and more. Text is available in English or Spanish.

A Practical Guide to Musical Composition (Alan Belkin, Montréal, Canada)

An electronic book for student composers covering fundamental principles of musical composition in concise, practical terms.

Schenker Guide (Tom Pankhurst, Liverpool Hope University College, UK)

"A guide to Schenkerian analysis for the intrigued or bemused. [The guide] aims to clarify the basic principles behind Schenker's influential and controversial theory of tonal music." Includes a guide to Schenkerian notation, glossary, bibliography, and links to other Web sites and resources.