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Internet Resources in Music

Freely available websites that cover a wide range of musical interests


Afrocentirc Voices in "Classical" Music (Randye Jones)

An attractive, useful, and user-friendly Web site that focuses on African American performers and composers and on the vocal music forms they influenced, especially opera, art songs and Negro spirituals composed for concert performance. Includes a bibliography of books and other research resources, biographies of vocalists and composers (such as Marian Anderson, Harry T. Burleigh, and Leontyne Price), a chronology of major events and accomplishments by African American vocal musicians, and a list of libraries and research centers that house collections of resources by and about African American musicians. Also includes a collection of photographs of some artists, links to related Web sites, and more.

Classical Music Recordings of Black Composers: A Reference Guide (Comp. Richard Greene)

A useful, multi-faceted Web site. Rubrics include: composer listing, recent recordings, reference sources and Web links, suggested listening, and performers and performances.

Ethnomusicology, Folk Music, and World Music (Music Library, University of Washington)

Extensive libguide covering a wide range of ethnomusicilogy topics.

The Jewish Music WebCenter (Judith Shira Pinnolis, Boston, MA)

Features keyword searching and many links to other Web sites. "The purpose of the Jewish Music WebCenter is to provide an online forum for academic, organizational, and individual activities in Jewish music."