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Psychology Research Guide

Databases for Psychology Allied Fields: Social and Medicinal

Scope of Guide

This Library Guide seeks to support students, researchers and instructors to discover resources, services and research for Psychology, Education Psychology and related subjects. Ultimately, the hope is that this guide will assist in identifying and gathering useful constructs and tools to encourage learning and facilitate ease in the research process.  The guide is designed to offer beginning points for research and promote access to subject specific library resources and other orientation resources for both undergraduate and graduate students. Library Guides allow librarians to add more detail and complexity than can be hosted on the subject gateway pages.

Psychology is a very interdisciplinary field  and depending on the topic you choose, it will be useful to also consult other potentially relevant pages such as Social Welfare, Education, Sociology, Women's Studies and others by searching Research by Subject.  This is where the Psychology Library Gateway page is listed. 

Books and journal articles for the study of psychology can be found in all of the three of campus libraries. The focus of this guide is to share information on relevant research whether in electronic or print format.  This guide includes sources and collections that are cross-disciplinary  in nature but are used primarily in the field of psychology. Resources cited  here may be found in any of the three campus libraries or available electronically either through U Albany NetId and password or freely available through the Internet. 

Electronic and print psychology related reference sources are available online or in print in the University Library (uptown campus) (ULIB),  the Science Library (uptown), or the (downtown) Dewey Library. It is important to know that for the uptown campus, psychology  books and print journals are divided by call number classification ranges and   placed in either the Main or Science Libraries. For example, books with call numbers beginning with BF are found in the University Library (ULIB), whereas books  beginning with the call number classification RC will be found in the Science  Library (Science). The Dewey Library on the downtown campus could have books with both BF and RC call numbers.

Print resources cited here are  located in the University Library unless the Science Library or the Dewey Library  is indicated after the call number. Examples of monographs and other media have also been provided to exemplify a variety of formats and interdisciplinary themes in psychology and education psychology.


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