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Psychology Research Guide

Key Terms in Searching - APA, ERIC Thesaurus and the Library of Congress Subject Headings

Every subject field or discipline may have its own search terms.  Getting to know those in your specific field could save you time and lead you to key resources on your topic. You may need to mix and match from a variety of disciplines depending on your research question or topic.  Here are two discipline specific term index tools:

APA Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms  (Descriptors) -  REF Z 695.1 P7 T48

The Thesaurus is part of the PsycINFO database and it is also in print at the Reference Desks.  The list of terms are not available electronically outside the PsycINFO database.  However, the American Psychological Association provides Thesaurus Updates for these terms on this site as well as within the electronic and paper indexes.

 ERIC Descriptors from the Education Resources Information Center