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Legislative Histories -- Guides and Trackers

Sources for Congressional publications, such as bills, committee prints, hearings, reports, debates, and voting can be found in this guide under Congress. Sources for the Constitution, public & private laws, United States Statutes at Large, and the United States Code can be found in this guide under Law.

The following government and professional sources either track legislative action or provide a list of compiled legislative histories.

Print resources

The Libraries have these print guides:

  • CIS Annual has a volume of legislative histories for U.S. public laws in the volumes published 1984-2000, at: Dewey Ref and Storage GovDoc Ref Z 1223 .A252x.
  • Federal Legislative Histories: an Annotated Bibliography and Index to Officially Published Sources, compiled by Bernard D. Reams, at: Dewey Ref KF 42.2 1994. Approximately 255 histories for 1862-1990.
  • Sources of Compiled Legislative Histories: a Bibliography of Government Documents, Periodicals Articles, and Books, 1st Congress-94th Congress, compiled by Nancy Johnson, at: Dewey Ref KF 42.2 1979. (Also available on HeinOnline.) 
  • U.S. Code Congressional and Administrative News (USCCAN), produced by Thomson Reuters, at: Storage & Dewey KF 48. Library has 1964-2017. Contains text of laws and selected committee reports. (1948-1989 available on Westlaw Campus.)
  • Union list of legislative histories: 47th Congress, 1883- 89th Congress, 1966, compiled by the Law Librarians' Society of Washington DC, at: Storage KF 42.2 1967.  Current edition (800 pages) available for download for LLSDC members. Older editions can be found online at

Legislative histories on a particular law or subject can be identified in UAlbany's Search tool, WorldCat, and the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications. Include this phrase in your search: "legislative history"

Help from Experts


(HeinOnline also has legislative histories from GPO and commercial sources. Westlaw Campus has legislative histories produced by Thomson-Reuters for 1948-1989.)