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Nanoscale Science & Engineering: A Guide to Non-Library Web Resources

Online Books & Conference Proceedings

Introduction to Microengineering

Access the full text of the Introduction to Microengineering which covers MEMS, microsystems, microsensors and microactuators.

National Academy Press - Math, Chemistry and Physics

A collection of freely available reports from the National Academy Press.

The Online Books Page

Access a collection of books for the subjects of physics, electrical engineering, and chemical technology.

Web of Conferences

Managed by EDP Sciences, Web of Conferences contains open access conference proceedings in physics and related subjects. It includes an international meetings calendar and a place to collect all of the conference proceedings published by EDP Sciences. It also offers a complete and flexible proceedings publishing service.

Wikibooks: Physics Bookshelf

Wikibooks is a collection of open content textbooks. Open content means that these textbooks are freely available online. A textbook is defined by Wikibooks as "a manual of instruction or a standard book in any branch of study. They are produced according to the demand of educational institutions." The Physics Bookshelf contains numerous physics books as well as books on nanotechnology