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Nanoscale Science & Engineering: A Guide to Non-Library Web Resources

Starting Points, Subject Collections, & Metasites

AZoM: Metals, Ceramics, Polymers, Composites, an Engineers Resource

The aim of AZoM (A to Z of materials) is to promote the use of advanced materials. It contains news and feature articles searchable by keyword, application, or industry, as well as a means to specify material properties. There are also links to conferences, courses, exhibitions, and book listings.

All About MEMS

This site provides access to resources and information about micro-electro-mechanical sytems (MEMS). It includes access to Web resources, background information, definitions, applications, publications, images, and a calendar of events.

Electrochemical Science & Technology Information Resource (ESTIR)

From the Electrochemical Society,  ESTIR contains links to a thousands of resources such as mailing lists, discussion groups, bibliographies, software, chemical/physical data, popular science, graduate schools, reviews, books, historic publications, associations and societies, journals and book series, handbooks, nomenclature, and meetings and short courses.


InterNano is a service of the National Nanofacturing Network.  It contains resources concerned with "the applications, devices, metrology, and materials that support the commercial development and marketable applications of nanotechnology."  It includes news, events, a directory of manufacturers, a taxonomy that leads to resources, a process database, and a digital repository for researchers and manufacturers.

Materials Science Resources

This Web site lists links to resources in all areas of materials science. It covers companies, organizations and societies, academic programs, newsgroups and listserves, employment sites, online courses, and databases.

MEMS Clearinghouse

This site is a repository of information on micro-electro-mechanical systems. It was established to foster communication and the rapid sharing of information within the MEMS community, and contains news, employment listings, events, a materials database, discussion groups, and listings of Internet resources, suppliers, and companies.

From the National Nanotechnology Initiative, is a portal for nanotechnology information from U.S. government agencies and programs.  It contains events (workshops, meetings, and congressional hearings), grant and funding information, committee reports, policy documents, conference and workshop reports as well as news and college/university program listings.


NanoScout is a portal to nanotechnology information on the Web. It provides access to news, companies, books, journals, software, databases, patents, organizations, jobs, gateways and portals, research groups, and funding.

Nanotechnology Database

This guide provides an entry to the growing nanotechnology resources on the Internet. The site is arranged under the following headings: academic, industry, government laboratories, government agencies, professional societies, non-profit organizations, books, periodicals, reports, and conferences.

Nanotechnology Now

Covering all nanotechnologies, Nanotechnology Now provides access to numerous basic and advanced resources including educational resources, news, publications, academic institutions, government programs, events, biographical information, and much more.

Created by the Institute of Physics with an emphasis on the UK, this site serves as a portal to nanotechnology resources on the Internet. It includes access to companies, suppliers, discussion sites, journals, professional societies, research centers, news, upcoming events, and citations to the latest, important papers.


Nanowerk is a portal to numerous resources for nanoscience and nanotechnology. It includes a nanomaterials database, a suppliers database, news feeds, reports, videos, an introduction to nanotechnology, an events calendar, blogs, and a career center.


OpticsNotes is a gateway to resources, references, and tutorials on optics and photonics. Users can browse through information on optics fundamentals, design, components, manufacture, applications, references, and industry, or search the site.

Plasma Science and Technology

This is a World Wide Web Virtual Library site containing access to plasma information resources such as books, conferences, professional societies, funding agencies, journals, and educational materials.

The Semiconductor Subway

The Semiconductor Subwary is a portal to Web resources on semiconductors. It furnishes access to information on fabrication, computer-aided design, VLSI circuits, and computer integrated manufacturing.


Although the main focus of this site is to introduce beginners and non-technical people to the world of superconductors, it also includes links to other superconductor sites including pictures and animations, tutorials, research groups, manufacturers, and upcoming conferences.