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Nanoscale Science & Engineering: A Guide to Non-Library Web Resources

Courses, Lectures, Simulations, and Tutorials

Bourne Report Podcasts

Bourne Report Podcasts provide "insight into the emerging technology marketplace, with a focus on MEMS, nanotechnology, and the convergence of both. The podcasts highlight trends relating to the commercial use of Nano/MEMS across all major market segments and industries." A new offering is posted weekly.

Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics

Britney's guide provides the fundamentals of several key topics in semiconductor physics including semiconductor junctions; finite barrier quantum-well; density of states; edge-emitting lasers; photonic crystals; crystal growth, fabrication, and processing; and photolithography.

Chemical Safety Videos:
  • Dow Lab Safety Academy from Dow Chemical, it contains a "digital learning environment that shares Dow's best-in-class industrial safety culture and practices in a quick and accessible format." It includes 4 modules:  Orientation & Training; Specialized Topics; Plan, Evaluate, Execute, and Sustainable Safety Culture.  Users must agree to a disclaimer agreement.
  • Laboratory Safety Videos from UC San Diego.
  • Safety Videos from the UCLA Center for Laboratory Safety.
  • Safety Videos from the Laboratory Safety Institute.
Crystallography Tutorial

This Web site from UCLA contains software tutorials to help researchers and students determine their crystal structures.

EE 527 Process Tutorials

The 13 tutorials provide an overview of microfabrication and some semiconductor background, and history. Other topics are photolithography, photoresists, vacuum systems, and clean room design and operation.

Energy Explained:  Your Guide to Understanding Engergy

From the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Energy Explained provides information about energy, including basic facts and definitions, trends, and policies. Renewable and nonrenewable sources are covered. There are many charts, tables, and graphs, and the site is searchable.

Exploring the Nanoworld

This site contains educational resources for all learning levels. The college level materials include movies, experiments, readings, and teaching resources.

Interactive Nano-Visualization in Science and Engineering Education (IN-VSEE)

IN-VSEE is a consortial effort to offer educational resources on the operation of advanced microscopes, nano-fabrication tools, and surface characterization methods. It includes instructional modules along with photographs, schematics, animations, and micrographs.

International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS)

ITRS was developed through the cooperation of several semiconductor/electronics associations. Its objective is to outline the goals and future advancements for the worldwide semiconductor industry.

Lecture Notes on Surfaces and Thin Films

Hosted by Arizona State University, these are the lecture notes of John Venables that were used in the development of the graduate textbook, Introduction to Surface and Thin Film Processes, Cambridge University Press, 2000.

NanoHub: Online Simulation and More

nanoHub was developed to advance the application computational science techniques to nanoscience and nanotechnology by providing a suite of simulation tools. Users can operate the simulation tools using standard Web browsers. Use of the tools is free, but registration is required. There are also links to addition resources.

Nanotechnology Gallery

The gallery contains images, movies, and presentations that highlight the research at the NASA Ames Center for Nanotechnology.

Perspectives on Plasmas

An educational resource containing both basic and advanced information on plasmas. It includes background information, applications, Internet resources, exhibition, and photo gallery.

Sandia National Laboratories: About MEMS

Users of this site are offered a MEMS overview, resources on MEMS production and operation, descriptions of developing technologies, and examples of prototype systems. Image and movie sections show what MEMS looks like and how they operate.

Scitable:  Spotlight on Nanotechnology

Scitable is the online learning portal from Nature Education.  It contains articles written by Nature editors.  This Spotlight covers basic explanations of nanotechnology, early visions, uses and applications, safety and ethics issues, and other information.


Launching with over 1,000 entries, SciTalks is a repository of science lectures and talks from all over the world. The lectures (talks) range in length from brief to lengthy, and from basic or humorous to complex and serious. SciTalks can be browsed by scientific fields, or the entire collection can be searched.

The Semiconductor Applet Service: List of Simulation Applets

This site contains a collection of interactive Java applets for semiconductor education. They cover topics like crystal structure, energy bands and charge carriers, PN junction diodes, PNP or NPN bipolar junction transistor, device fabrication, MOS FET, digital circuits, MOS memories, and junction field effect transistor.

World Lecture Hall

Access a listing of online courses in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Physics.