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India: Development Debates



The materials listed below about various social issues are available in the Libraries' collections.  Please note that this is a select list, and more books on the topic can be found by searching the Libraries' online catalog.

To find journal and magazine articles on the topic, use the "Journal Articles" tab above.

Featured Books

Caste System

Untouchability in Rural India, by Ghanshyam Shah. [HT 720 U58 2006]

Caste and Class in India in the Late 20th Century, by Solomon Selvam. [DS 422 C3 S35 2000]

Caste, Society and Politics in India from the Eighteenth Century to the Modern Age, by Susan Bayly. [DS 436 N47 1987 PT. 4 V. 3]

Caste, by Ursula Sharma. [HT 720 S43 1999]

Social Stratification in India: Issues and Themes, by K.L. Sharma. [HN 690 Z9 S6438 1997]


Concerns, Conflicts, and Cohesions: Universalization of Elementary Education in India, edited by Preet Rustagi. [LA 1152 C68 2009]

Subject Lessons: The Western Education of Colonial India, by Sanjay Seth. [LA 1151 S4115 2007]

Educational Regimes in Contemporary India, edited by Radhika Chopra and Patricia Jeffery. [LA 1151 E367 2005]

Reading Beyond the Alphabet: Innovations in Lifelong Literacy, editors, Brij Kothari, P.G. Vijaya Sherry Chand, Michael Norton. [LC 149 R42 2003]


Living With the AIDS Virus: The Epidemic and the Response in India, editors, Samiran Panda, Anindya Chatterjee, and Abu S. Abdul-Quader. [DEWEY LIBRARY RA 643.86 I42 L48 2002]

"Public Health in India: An Overview," by Monica Das Gupta.  Working paper.  Available online.

Health, Poverty, and Development in India, edited by Monica Das Gupta, Lincoln C. Chen, T.N. Krishnan. [SCIENCE LIBRARY RA 395 I5 H44 1996]

Women’s Health in India: Risk and Vulnerability, edited by Monica Das Gupta, Lincoln C. Chen, T.N. Krishnan. [SCIENCE LIBRARY RA 564.85 W66693X 1995]