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India: Development Debates



This page lists selected library resources about development in India.  Unless otherwise indicated, the books are housed in the University Library.  The libraries own many more items dealing with issues related to development in India than are listed here.  To find more items, search the online catalog.

To find journal and magazine articles, use the tab in this guide marked "Journal Articles."

Featured Books

Environmental Issues

Handbook of Energy and the Environment in India, by Bani P. Banerjee.  DEWEY LIBRARY [HD 9502 I4 B36X 2005]

The New Face of Environmental Management in India, by Aparna Sawhney.  DEWEY LIBRARY [GE 320 I4 S28 2004]

Advocacy after Bhopal: Environmentalism, Disaster, New Global Orders, by Kim Fortun. [HV 553 F65 2001]

Landscapes and Lives: Environmental Dispatches on Rural India, by Mukul Sharma. DEWEY LIBRARY [HN 690 Z9 C67888 2001]

The Use and Abuse of Nature: Incorporating "This fissured land, an ecological history of India" and "Ecology and equity,"  by Madhav Gadgil and Ramachandra Guha. DEWEY LIBRARY [GF 661 G344X 2000]

Bhopal: The Second Tragedy, written and presented by Mark Tully.  Revisits the Bhopal environmental disaster ten years later to find unresolved serious issues of unpaid damages, environmental reform and institutional failure on the part of Union Carbide, and the US and Indian governments. [Videocassette University Library lower level HD 7269 C452 I5222X 1995] 


Handbook of Water Resources in India: Development, Management, and Strategies, edited by John Briscoe and R.P.S. Malik.[HD 1698 I4 H27 2007]

India’s Water Economy: Bracing for a Turbulent Future, by John Briscoe, R.P.S. Malik. [SCIENCE LIBRARY TC 503 B75X 2006]

Appraising Sustainable Development: Water Management and Environmental Challenges, edited by Asit K. Biswas and Cecilia Tortajada. [DEWEY LIBRARY HD 1691 A66 2004]

On the Banks of the Gaṅgā: When Wastewater Meets a Sacred River, by Kelly D. Alley. [GF 662 G36 A45 2002]

Water Resource Management: Institutions and Irrigation Development in India, by A. Vaidyanathan. [HD 1741 I3 V35X 1999]

Dam/age, directed by Aradhana Seth. Follows writer Arundhati Roy’s controversial campaign against the Narmada dam project. [Videocassette University Library lower level PR 9499.3 R59 D36V 2002]

Harvest of Rain, written and directed by Sanjay Kak. Documentary on water management challenges in India. [DEWEY LIBRARY Media Collection - Videocassette S 619 W38 H37V 1995]

Sustainable Development

The Economics of Sustainable Development: The Case of India, by Surender Kumar, Shunsuke Managi.  [HC 79 E5 S86435X 2009]

Beyond Relocation: The Imperative of Sustainable Resettlement, edited by Renu Modi. [UNIV.LIB. HD 873 B49 2009]

Unleashing India’s Innovation: Toward Sustainable and Inclusive Growth, edited by Mark A. Dutz. [HC 435.3 U55 2007]

Democratizing Nature: Politics, Conservation, and Development in India, Ashwini Chhatre, Vasant K. Saberwal. [GE 190 I4 C48 2006]

India at the Crossroads: Sustaining Growth and Reducing Poverty, edited by Tim Callen, Patricia Reynolds, Christopher Towe. [HC 435.2 I484X 2001]