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India: Development Debates



This page lists selected library resources about women's issues in India.  Unless otherwise indicated, the books are housed in the University Library.  The libraries own many more items dealing with topics regarding Indian women than are listed here.  To find more items, search the online catalog.

To find journal and magazine articles, use the tab in this guide marked "Journal Articles."

Featured Books

General Resources

Encyclopaedia of Gender Equality Through Women Empowerment , Maya Majumdar, ed. New Delhi: Sarup & Sons, 2005. Two volume set covers discrimination against Indian women and the emerging trends in the empowerment of them.  [REF HQ 1742 E53X 2005]

Women in India:A Social and Cultural History, by Sita Anantha Raman. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger/ABC-CLIO, 2009. Examines the history of India from ancient to modern times with a focus on prominent women.  Examines how women's rights changed over time and place.  Two volume set. [HQ 1742 R263 2009]

Women and Social Reform in Modern India: A Reader, edited by Sumit Sarkar & Tanika Sarkar. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2008.  Collection of articles on social reform and women's rights from the 19th century to the present.  [HQ 1743 W59 2008]


Sati: A Historical Anthology, edited by Andrea Major.  NY: Oxford University Press, 2007. Sati, the burning of a Hindu widow on her husband's funeral pyre, is explored in a historical context.  [GT 3276 S38 2007]

Empowerment of Widows: A Three Generation Study, by K. Malathi. New Delhi: Serials Publications, 2008. Survey of the social status and family attitudes regarding widowed women of the Hindu Naidu community. [HQ 1058.5 I5 M35X 2008]

Perpetual Mourning: Widowhood in Rural India, by Martha Alter Chen.  NY: Oxford University Press, 2000.  Examines the relationship between the ideals and the realities of widowhood  in rural India. [HQ 1058.5 I5 C54X 2000]

Ashes of Immortality: Widow-burning in India, by Catherine Weinberger-Thomas.  Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1999.  Examines the motivation of women commiting sati. [GT 3370 W5613 1999]

Sati, the Blessing and the Curse: The Burning of Wives in India, edited by John Stratton Hawley. NY: Oxford University Press, 1994. A collection of scholars examine the multiple meanings of sati.  [GT 3370 S27 1994]

Son Preference

Female Infanticide in India: A Feminist Cultural History, by Rashmi Dube Bhatnagar, Renu Dube and Reena Dube. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2005.  The book examines female infanticide in colonial India and the reemergence of this practice in the form of sex-selective abortion in postcolonial India. [HV 6541 I5 B53 2005].  Also available online.

Consequences of Son Preference in India: A Contextual Analysis of Discrimination Against Daughters, by Sunita Bose.  Thesis (Ph.D.),  The University at Albany, Dept. of Sociology, 2005.  Examines a combination of economic and cultural factors which contribute to son preference in India.  Looks at the selective neglect of daughters in terms of nutrition, healthcare, and education. [Microform HM 45 Z899 2005 B67]. Also available online

Sex Ratio Patterns in the Indian Population: A Fresh Exploration, by Satish Balram Agnihotri.  The author explores the declining female-male ratio in India.  [HB 1889 A35 2000]