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Computer Science: A Guide to Non-Library Web Resources

Style Guides

IEEE Computer Society Style Guide

The purpose of this style guide is to clarify editorial styles and standards used in the IEEE Computer Society's publications. It provides a listing of preferred sources for style and usage.

Examples for ACM, APA, & IEEE
This guide, created by Dalhousie University, includes examples for 3 citation styles. 

LaTeX Search

LaTeX Search is a search engine that searches Springer scientific publications for LaTeX code.  With nearly 6,000,000 code snippets, it provides users with the ability to locate the code for a specific equation.

Submitting Articles to ACM Journals.

This guide contains instructions for submitting articles to ACM journals in the preferred format of LaTeX and in MS Word format. It includes all of the necessary elements for a typical article along with templates to assist the author. The assignment of indexing terms from the ACM Classification System is also addressed.