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Computer Science: A Guide to Non-Library Web Resources

History & Biographies The Turing Archive for the History of Computing

Claiming to contain "the largest Web collection of digital facsimiles of orginal documents by Turing and other pioneers of computing," this Web site also includes information about Turing and his work on code breaking and interest in artificial intelligence, computational complexity, and connectionism. For additional unpublished personal papers and photographs consult The Turing Digital Archive.

Chronology of Personal Computers

This timeline tracks important events in the development of personal computers from 1947 to the present. Each cited event includes a summary and one or more references.

Computer History Museum

The online collection of this museum includes photographs of artifacts, documents, exhibits, the hall of fellows, and a timeline of important events from 1945 to 1990.

Computers Timeline

From the National Academy of Engineering's Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century Website, this page provides a timeline for the most important triumphs in computing.

The Erwin Tomash Library on the History of Computing

Compiled by Erwin Tomash, this bibliography catalogs an extensive collection of books and manuscripts related to the history of computing. It lists and describes over 5,000 items from 12th century manuscripts to modern publications. The descriptive essays explain the uses of little known instruments and techniques that are discussed in the entries. Entries consist of a bibliographic citation, the author's biographical information, a description of the contents, and illustrations of interesting pages and diagrams. In PDF format, the bibliography is alphabetically arranged in chapters. There are name, subject, and illustration indexes, and a listing by date of publication.

History of the Internet, Internet for Historians (and just about everyone else)

The 5 chapters of this Web book cover the history of the Internet; they are: development of computers till 1960s, from ARPANET to World Wide Web, history of electronic mail, search engines, and basic Netdata.

ICHEG Online Collections

The International Center for the History of Electronic Games (ICHEG) contains the largest and most comprehensive collection of electronic games and  game-related related materials in the U.S.  A sample of the collection in available in the Online Collections.  Each item listed includes a photograph and other factual information including its release date.  The games are listed in broad categories and there is a search engine.

Lisp History

Written by Paul Graham, this series of articles traces the history and evolution of the Lisp programming language.

Programmers At Work

In the mid-1980s, Susan Lammers wrote a book entitled Programmers At Work. It contained interviews of 19 important players "who spurred the PC revolution through their creation of key software programs and companies." Lammers is offering the orginal interviews on this blog, along with updated biographical information.