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Computer Science: A Guide to Non-Library Web Resources

E-books & Conference Proceedings

AAAI Digtial Library Conference Proceedings

Access conference proceedings from the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence from 1980 forward. 

ACM Digital Library Accessible to University at Albany users only

Access papers from the ACM conference proceedings. Browse or search by clicking on proceedings

Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity

ECCC provides links to research reports, surveys, lecture notes, databases, & conferences dealing with computational complexity

Electronic Workshops in Computing (eWiC)

eWiC contains the conference proceedings and workshops sponsored by the British Computer Society.  The conferences/workshops are open access and can be browsed by year (1995 - present) or by broad subject.  There is also a search engine.


This site provides links to free online computer books and documentation. There are over 100 books covering programming languages, scripting languages, operating systems, and other computer science topics like data structures, algorithms, object-oriented programming, logic programming, compiler design, and software development.

Handbook of Applied Cryptography

Access the full text of the 4th printing.

IBM Redbooks

Developed and published by IBM's International Technical Support Organization, Redbooks provide guidance, installation and implementation experiences, solution scenarios, and "how-to" guidelines. Sample code and other support materials are often included. The Redbooks are listed by publication date and are also accessible by keyword search.

IEEE/IET Electronic LibraryAccessible to University at Albany users only

Covering Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Physics, and related subjects, IEL is an extensive collection containing 179 IEEE journals, magazines, and transactions; 26 Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) journals and magazines; 1,400+ IEEE conference titles; 20+ IET conference and seminar digests; and over 2,800 IEEE approved standards. IEL replaces IEEE Computer Society Digital Library and IEEE All-Society Periodicals Package.

IJCAI (International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence) Conference Proceedings

Access the IJCAI Conference Proceedings from the first in 1969 to the most current.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science Accessible to University at Albany users only

LNCS is a book series that reports state-of-the-art research results in computer science and information technology. It includes two subseries: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics. Most of the books contain conference or workshop proceedings, however, there are also research monographs, surveys, and tutorials.

National Academy Press - Computers and Information Technology

A collection of freely available reports from the National Academy Press.

NetLib Repository

a metasite containing freely available software, conference proceedings, & databases of interest to the numerical & scientific computing communities

The Online Books Page: Call Numbers Starting With QA

Access the full text of computer science and mathematics books. There are also books in the Q 300s on artificial intelligence, TK 5100s on computer networks, and TK 7800s on computer hardware and engineering.

O'Reilly Open Books Project

The O'Reilly Open Books Project has been developed by O'Reilly publishers. It contains freely available computing books that are either still in print or out of print.


Developed in 2004 by the IEEE Computer Society, SWEBOK is the Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge. "It describes generally accepted knowledge about software engineering," and is divided into 10 knowledge areas: requirements, design, construction, testing, maintenance, configuration management, engineering management, engineering process, engineering tools and methods, and quality. There is also a chapter on related disciplines, and several appendices.

USENIX: Compendium of Best Papers

USENIX provides access to the best papers presented at its conferences and workshops since 1990.

USENIX Conference Proceedings

The conference proceedings of USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association are open access. All conference proceedings beginning with 1993 are freely available, however, there appears to be slight delay for some of the conferences.

Wikibooks: Computer Science Bookshelf

Wikibooks is a collection of open content textbooks. Open content means that these textbooks are freely available online. A textbook is defined by Wikibooks as "a manual of instruction or a standard book in any branch of study. They are produced according to the demand of educational institutions." The Computer Science Bookself contains books on general topics, theory, networking, programming, computational intelligence, human computer interaction, software design, embedded systems, and others.