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Social Psychology, Communication, Media Studies Research Guide

Cultural Studies and Interpersonal Communication Effective Interpersonal Communication provides a list of articles with effective interpersonal communication tips and tools with the professional setting in mind. Topics in include "How to Hold a Difficult Conversation," "Overcome Your Fear of Confrontation and Necessary Conflict," amongst others.

adflip - Classic Print Ads

An archive of classic print ads that can be viewed by year or by category.

Allyn & Bacon (Pearson) Interpersonal Communication Study Site

Contains information on the study of interpersonal communication such as the functions, relational development, self-disclousre, relational patterns, and interpersonal conflict.
Site also offers interactive activity and quick quizzes.

Articles911: Communication - Interpersonal & Organizational

Scroll down to subtitle "Communication - Interpersonal & Organizational." Site includes "free online articles related to improving communication between people whether at work, at home, or in other relationship."

Center for Non-Verbal Studies

Includes The Nonverbal Dictionary of Gestures, Signs & Body Language Cues by David B. Givens.

Center for the Study of Group Process

University of Iowa's promotion of "basic research in the field of group processes, including formal organisations, political groups, families, social categories and societies, with special interest in the discovery and analysis of general principles underlying group processes across diverse empirical settings, and the interplay between individual and group levels of analysis." This site does not include links on this topic but does provide full-text publications based upon the research at the Center.

Citing Slavery Project

Site contains continuing impact of slavery and shares case law demonstrating how slavery still shapes American law.

Exploring Nonverbal Communication

Site contains a University of California video series on Non-Verbal Communication. Videotapes are produced by Dane Archer and explores facial expression, tone, hand gestures, body movements, space, and touch.

Images - A Journal of Film and Popular Culture

"...a quarterly journal that publishes articles about movies, television, videos and other popular visual arts..."

Interpersonal Communication Articles

Articles on interpersonal communication in relevance to the professional environment.

The Interpersonal Web

Provided by the Northern Virginia Community College, page offers links to organizations, and websites related to Interpersonal Communication. In addition, there are definitions and theories related to the topic.

Media and Communications Studies Site

Bibliography of linked articles on gender and ethnicity, pop music and youth, film studies, textual analysis, and media influence amongothers.

Nonverbal Behavior, Nonverbal Communication Links

Includes discussion on experiments, lists of research centers, journals and websites on the topic of nonverbal communication.

Nonverbal Communication: ComResources Online

Lists researchers in the field and other useful websites. Links from the National Communication Association (NCA)

Popular Culture - University of Iowa, Communications Studies

Articles about pop culture.