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Chemistry: Library Resources

Style Guides

There are many citation styles. So, check with your professor or the journal you're trying to publish in to see which style they prefer.

Citation Styles

ACS Style Guide

The ACS Style Guide: Effective Communication of Scientific Information (Science Library / Reference: QD 8.5 A25 2006).

ACS Style Quick Guide
This online guide provides examples on citing using the ACS Style.

ACS Citation Style

From Concordia University Libraries, this guide provides a basic indroduction to ACS style.  Containing numerous examples, the guide is based on The ACS Style Guide: Effective Communication of Scientific Information (Science Library / Reference: QD 8.5 A25 2006).

The Chemistry Style Manual

Written by a chemistry professor at Deakin University in Australia, The Chemistry Style Manual is a book-length manual covering all aspects of chemistry communications, writing, and research. It may be freely downloaded, or used on the Web.

Cite Datasets and Link to Publications

From the U.K.'s Digital Curation Centre (DDC), this guide shows how and why to cite data.  It's also available in PDF format.

Finding Journal Abbreviations
Beyond CASSI

Beyond CASSI contains short journal title abbreviations from the early chemical literature and other historical reference sources that are not listed in the CAS Source Index (CASSI) .  

CAS Source Index (CASSI)

CAS Source Index Search Tool (a.k.a. CASSI) can be used to determine journal titles and abbreviations used by CAS in products like SciFinder-n. CASSI can be searched by title, abbreviation, ISSN, ISBN, and coden.  Journal records include title, abbreviation, language, start date, URL, CODEN, ISSN, and publisher.

Web of Science journal title abbreviation list

Many citation styles require an abbreviation of the journal title. Use this resource to look up the abbreviation for the journal you're citing.

Using LaTeX for Document Preparation
LaTeX and Friends

Written by M. R. C. van Donegan and published by Springer, this full length book provides introductory and advanced topics on using LaTeX to write articles, books, reports, or theses.

LaTeX Guide

This is a brief tutorial on using LaTeX in Overleaf.

The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
This guide provides detailed instruction on using LaTeX.

Citation Managers

Citation managers are tools that can collect and manage pdfs while also creating bibliographies. There are a few options, including:

Free. View a guide for additional help.

EndNote Online is available to the UAlbany community through Web of Science.

A free citation manager as well as academic social network.