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Testing & Evaluation

Buros Institute Center for Testing

Provides keyword searching for locating test reviews, an alphabetical list of test titles, and category searching. The latter classifies all tests included in the Mental Measurements Yearbook series (since the 9th edition, 1985) into 18 major subject categories.

CRESST (National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing)

The Center provides research and development on standards that improves assessment and accountability systems for both K-12 and adult learning.

Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Information on college and graduate school admissions tests.

Kaplan Educational Centers

For-profit organization. Provides information on preparation for standardized admissions tests.

The Princeton Review

A commercial site, but it also offers free information that is helpful to students, educators, and admissions offficers, such as information on college admissions and achievement tests, a glossary of relevant terms, links to the state education agencies in each U.S. state, and the educational standards endorsed by each state.