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Urban and Regional Planning: A Research Guide

Featured Books


The following are a few representative books from the Libraries' collection.  Use the Libraries' online catalog, linked in the Quick Links box to the left, to find more books on sprawl, suburbs and the New Urbanist movement.

  • Codifying New Urbanism: How to Reform Municipal Land Development Regulations, by Paul Crawford.  Chicago: American Planning Association, 2004.  A practical explanation of how to apply the principles of new urbanism to community development through reforming land development regulations.  [Oversized NA 9108 A545 NO.526]
  • Don’t Call It Sprawl: Metropolitan Structure in the 21st Century, by William T. Bogart.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006.  The author examines the way in which suburbs and cities trade goods and services in a complex manner as a determinant of the type of land use which occurs.  [ULIB HT 334 U5 B64 2006]
  • Edge Cities, by Christine M. Sala. Chicago: Council of Planning Librarians, 1995. This is an annotated bibliography, with most references dating from 1991. [ULIB HT 334 U5 Z991 1995]
  • Limitless City: A Primer on the Urban Sprawl Debate, by Oliver Gillham.  Washington, DC: Island Press, 2002.  Gillham traces the history of sprawl and its environmental and societal impacts.  He presents workable alternatives sprawl; and suggests what future development might look like.  [ULIB HT 384 U5 G55 2002]
  • Sprawl: A Compact History, by Robert Bruegmann.  Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press, 2005.  The author argues that the growth of suburbia is a natural outcome of economic development and increased mobility.  [ULIB HT 371 B74 2005]
  • Sprawl Costs: Economic Impacts of Unchecked Development, by Robert Burchell.  Washington, DC: Island Press, 2005.  Presents the results of a study to measure the costs and benefits of different forms of growth.  [ULIB HT 384 U5 S67 2005]
  • This Land: The Battle Over Sprawl and the Future of America, by Anthony Flint.  Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006.  The author traces the history of the anti-sprawl New Urbanism movement and the backlash against it.  [ULIB HT 384 U5 F55 2006]

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