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Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences: Library Resources

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To browse books on geology, visit the Science Library's Lower Level and browse the QE call number range.


Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Dictionary of Earth Sciences (Oxford).Accessible to University at Albany users only 6,000 entries cover a broad spectrum of subjects, from geology to climate change.

Encyclopedia of Earth. The Encyclopedia of Earth covers a wide range of earth science topics, from the earth, to its natural environments, to water profiles of selected countries. Well-written articles can be browsed alphabetically or by topic.

Geologic Glossary. Geologylink's Glossary presents brief definitions of geology terms.

Glossary of Physical Oceanography and Related Disciplines. Extensive glossary of terms from the fields of oceanography, paleoceanography, meteorology, climatology, geology, numerical analysis, signal processing and statistics. Compiled by Steven K. Baum, Dept. of Oceanography, Texas A&M University. 

Glossary of Remote Sensing Terms. Natural Resources Canada provides a searchable glossary with over 1000 terms.

Macmillan Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences. [SCIENCE REF QE 5 E5137 1996] This two volume encyclopedia contains signed articles on all aspects of earth sciences, including climatology, mineralogy, paleontology, history, and biography. Volume 1 contains reference tables on the geologic time scale, SI units of measurements, and elemental composition of different portions of the earth and meteorites.

Macmillan Encyclopedia of Energy. Accessible to University at Albany users only Broad coverage of the science and technology of energy, in over 250 articles.

Magill's Survey of Science: Earth Science Series. [SCIENCE REF QE 28 M33 1990]  Six volumes of signed article on topics within earth sciences (defined very broadly). Each article includes a summary, listing of principal terms, bibliography, and cross-references to other articles.

New Penguin Dictionary of Geology. [SCIENCE REF QE 5 K42 2001] This 7,703 entry dictionary strives to offer comprehensive coverage of the core subject area of geology.

Oxford Companion to the Earth.Accessible to University at Albany users only A thousand entries cover a wide range of earth science topics. Geology and climatology are covered, as are biographical entries.


Geologists and the History of Geology: an International Bibliography from the Origins to 1978. [SCIENCE REF QE 21 Z999 S28X]  The first volume lists works concerning the history of geology and its subdivisions and allied fields. The second and third list individual geologists with brief statements about their significance and citations of biographical sources. The fourth volume indexes the geologists by nationality and specialty.


Cambridge Handbook of Earth Science Data. [SCIENCE REF QE 26.3 H45 2009] 145 tables offer historical, physical and chemical data on the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere.

Dana's New Mineralogy, 8th edition. [SCIENCE REF QE 372 D23 1997]  Provides physical, chemical and crystallographic data for minerals. Where possible, gives bibliographic references to the mineral's description.


American Geological Institute. Links to AGI publications, web servers, and web sites of AGI member societies.

American Geophysical Union. Find links to information on AGU's meetings, publications and news items, or access its archives, which contain a complete index to AGU journals, books and a meetings database.

Geological Society of America. Features complete information on the association, including meetings and publications.