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IST 605: Honolulu and Oahu Travel Guide

An in-depth guide to where to stay, eat, and visit in Honolulu, (and to a lesser extent Oahu moreover) Hawaii.

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Welcome to the Mu Ryang Sa Korean Buddhist Temple!

Mu Ryang Sa Korean Buddhist Temple

Deep in within the Pālolo Valley, though not Kaimuki itself but accessed through it, on a hilltop surrounded by lushly vegetated mountain cliffs on either side often shrouded in mist, lies the Mu Ryang Sa Korean Buddhist Temple. Featuring amazing traditional Korean architecture, a plethora of statues and other works of art honoring and depicting buddhas, bodhisattvas, and sages, and ample opportunities for reflection and meditation, the temple is an active religious and spiritual site, and while visitors are allowed, they ought to be aware of this fact and treat a visit to the temple with due respect.

          A far cry from the hustle and bustle of Downtown and the luxury designer stores of Waikiki, visitors to the temple can enjoy tranquil koi ponds, the serenity of water lilies, and the delicate sound of the wind blowing through tropical trees with a prayer bell being rung somewhere in the distance. You are likely to see monks walking the grounds, and birds flying about.

Though the temple does have an official website, it appears not to have been updated in several years, and because of that, it is hard to say what if any services (retreats, yoga, Korean tea ceremony, etc.) they currently offer to the public. However, when I visited in late 2022, it seemed as if these services were still offered, and I just walked right in to visit. One can always call their number: (808) 735-7858 ahead of time to find out more on visiting and any services.  Visiting hours are 9am-5pm daily, and a suggested donation of $5.00 per adult, $1.00 per child is advised.


For more about the Mu Ryang Sa Temple, check out Derek Paiva’s article in Hawaii Magazine, and for an introduction into the fascinating world of Korean Buddhism, check out this article from

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