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IST 605: Honolulu and Oahu Travel Guide

An in-depth guide to where to stay, eat, and visit in Honolulu, (and to a lesser extent Oahu moreover) Hawaii.

Wish You Were Here!

Welcome to Honolulu!

The modern metropolis of the Pacific, Honolulu is a far cry from a few palm trees on a sandy beach. (Though it has that too!) The capital of the Hawaiian Islands since 1845, Honolulu is steeped a in rich history of many peoples and cultures, with triumph and defeat, all with the constant of the Pacific Ocean abound.

          Anything you want, you can find in this city: art, leisure, history, (so much) food, family activities, unique stories, education, animals, - basically everything but cold weather! At times the city can be a bright utopia where everything is perfect; at others you will find downtrodden people in an unfair system; sometimes your find things that look like they’re out of Miami Vice, or better yet, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City!

          Whatever the case, Honolulu has a certain charm to it more than just “nice weather”. The aloha spirit runs deep even if not always clearly seen; the people of this city are always happy to talk and lend a hand, even in the face of adversity. As a traveler, make sure to talk to locals, see what’s really up, respect the land which your visiting, and of course; have a good time!


Pro tip: Honolulu can be a bit overwhelming and knowing where to start can be difficult; here are some resources to help you get started!

Go Hawaii: the state’s official partner for tourism.

Hawaiian Airlines: how you’ll probably be arriving.

The Lonely Planet guide to Honolulu.

Trip Advisor: great for finding a hotel.

The National Parks Service page for Oahu: great for gaining local history knowledge.

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