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IST 605: Honolulu and Oahu Travel Guide

An in-depth guide to where to stay, eat, and visit in Honolulu, (and to a lesser extent Oahu moreover) Hawaii.

Wish You Were Here!

Welcome to the Pu'u Pia Trail!

          Not far behind the Manoa Chinese Cemetery, lies the Pu'u Pia Trail; far less known to visitors than the Manoa Falls Taril, but in my opinion, far more worth it! Part of the state-wide Nā Ala Hele Trail & Access Program, this trail connects to any number of other trails. Specifical however, the Pu'u Pia Trail takes one to a sizable hill (though still far smaller than the surrounding Koʻolau Mountains), which provides a fantastic view of the Manoa Valley, the lush mountains behind you, and Waikiki and the Pacific Ocean well ahead! On the trail itself, one will encounter a plethora of birds, tropical plants, and other natural surroundings. You are likely to encounter one or two other hikers as well – still far less than at Manoa Falls or Diamond Head!

This trail ascends about 700 ft over the span of a mile (two miles to the summit and back) and can be a bit strenuous for irregular hikers. There is very limited parking for this trail; perhaps two or three spots at most on the trailhead. Outside of that, the entrance to the trailhead is on a curvy, hilly, residential street, so be aware as to not park in or near someone’s driveway!


For more information including reviews, weather and hiking conditions, and more, check out AllTrails’ Pu'u Pia Trail page.


Pro Tip: Oahu is filled with problematic wild animals; chickens, feral cats, mongoose, and even feral pigs. It is not uncommon on mountainous/forest hikes such as the Pu'u Pia Trail to hear the snorts of a startled feral pig(s) you awoke from resting! (I myself have heard them, though never encountered one – they’re usually more frightened of you than you are of them!) Still, if you ever encounter a feral pig, stand your ground, and simply shoo them away by shouting, stomping, waving your arms, etc. You don’t want to take a chance with those tusks!

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