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Computer Science: A Brief Guide to Library Resources


A to Z of Computer Scientists. [SCIENCE REF QA 76.2 A 21 H46 2003]
This resource contain over 100 biographies of computer scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and other who have had an impact on the field. There are photographs, a list of entries by specialization, and a subject index.
Dictionary of Scientific Biography. [SCIENCE REF Q 141 D5]
This multi-volume resource includes essays on computer scientists. Published under the auspices of the American Council of Learned Societies, each essay is signed by the contributor, emphasizes the biographee's accomplishments, and includes a bibliography. 14 volumes plus indexes and supplements.
A Dictionary of Scientists.  [Online Q 414D52 2003 WWW]
From Oxford Reference Online, this resource has 1,300 biographies, spans 2,500 years, and covers all areas of science.
Giants of Computing:  A Compendium of Select, Pivotal Pioneers.  [Online QA 76.2 A2 O74 2013 WWW]
Covering 60 computing pioneers, this resource provides biographical information and a brief account of the pioneer's contributions to computing.  References and images are also included.
International Biographical Dictionary of Computer Pioneers. [SCIENCE REF QA 76.2 A2 I68X 1995]
Includes biographical information on a few hundred computer pioneers, managers, and financiers. Most entries contain a narrative along with information on education, professional experience, and honors and awards, followed by bibliographies of additional biographical data and significant publications.
Notable Twentieth-Century Scientists. [SCIENCE REF Q 141 N73 1995]
This four-volume set is a comprehensive source of biographical information on over 1,300 scientists active in the 20th century. Each biographical entry includes a two or three page essay, a list of selected writings, and a bibliography. There are field of specialization, gender, nationality/ethnicity, and subject indexes.