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IST 605: STEM Resources for Educators


This guide was created to provide resources to educators who are interested in STEM education. As a PreK-12 school librarian who is teaching middle school STEM classes along with incorporating STEM skills into my elementary curriculum, I have been on the search for quality resources to use in my lessons. This guide compiles some of the most comprehensive and useful resources that I have found in my search. I have already used many of these resources in my instruction and plan to use many more in the future. I hope that you find this guide informative and useful in your instruction as well! 

In this STEM resource guide you will find academic articles and books which will provide you with some background information on the topic, along with models that you can use in your classroom. You will also find several resources including books, websites, and videos that you can use with your students. I highly recommend that you take some time to explore the websites as the links will lead you to a wealth of additional resources. A few databases are included which can be used by both you and your students. The resources provided in this guide are meant to be practical. There are search tips, citations, and links provided throughout the guide so that you can easily access the resources, begin using them in your classroom (or library!), and conduct a search of your own.

What is STEM?

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