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Teaching Statistics: A Resource Guide: Teaching Resources

Library Resource page for SILC professors in partnership with ITLAL

What's on this page?

Effective statistics instruction is within reach!

Many instructors who teach statistics regularly use statistics in their work as researchers. So it’s likely that if you’re teaching statistics, you know how to do statistics. But knowing how to do statistics can be quite different from knowing how to teach others to do statistics. In fact, the more expertise we have in a discipline, the harder it can be to make explicit to ourselves the thinking and the skills behind what comes so naturally to us.

That’s where ITLAL (Institute for Teaching, Learning and Academic Leadership) and the University Libraries come into play. When ITLAL asked UAlbany statistics instructors what they need to develop and hone their teaching skills, one of the key supports they asked for was a collection of teaching resources. This guide is a collaborative effort between the University Libraries and ITLAL to provide those curated, high quality teaching resources that can help instructors provide effective practice and feedback to students. The resources in the guide have been selected by subject librarians or identified (and in some cases created by) by UAlbany instructors.

These resources are best used when integrated into a well-designed course in which learning goals, course assignments, and in-class activities work together to help students learn. ITLAL’s doors are open to instructors who want to create highly effective course design either in one-on-one consultation or through attendance in the Course Design Academy. The best teachers use their campus resources: we welcome you to develop your teaching skills together with ITLAL, the University Libraries, and one another!

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Guide Authors: Library: Elaine M. Lasda, MLS, ITLAL: Aviva D. Bower, Ph.D