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Research Strategies for Public Health

About Medline...

MEDLINE is the premier medical database in the United States. It broadly covers both medical and biomedical journal articles. A quick search of the Mesh concept "Public Health" yields almost 5 million article titles.

MEDLINE - tips

  • Never limit your searches to full-text articles when searching Medline!! When you do a search on a topic (like Public Health), on the top right side of your results screen, it will list "all Results". Right below it will be listed the number of Free full text articles. However, this only includes the citations that have the little note that says "Free article". When you click on many of the other citations, they will have access through a little box on the top right of the screen or through "LinkOUt". Also, keep a copy of our online catalog open on your desktop. We may have online access or print available for the journal you want.
  • To get the most online materials, access this database through the library web page on one of the three University at Albany campuses - it will link you to the University at Albany online journals. (You will be asked for a NetID and Password if you are off campus.)
  • Consider using the MeSH headings - they may give you some ideas for alternative words to search.