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Research Strategies for Public Health

About Google Scholar...

Google Scholar indexes journal articles, theses, books and documents.

Google Scholar tips

Plus side: This is an easily available, free database and offers some full-text links.

Minus side: It does not link to everything we own (online and print), and you may get millions of results for your searches!

Too many results? Try searchings using advanced search (this lets you limit by year and author name). Also, you can try adding more important search terms to limit your results.

Google Scholar using the University at Albany..

-To get the most full-text articles with Google Scholar, search it while you are on the 3 University at Albany campuses. This allows it to more easily link to online subscriptions paid for by the University at Albany Libraries, on top of the free full-text it normaly offers. (Also, if you are not on campus, change the settings under Scholar Preferences/Library Links to" University at Albany". This will help you to link to library resources.)


-Keep a copy of the University at Albany catalog up - if you can't find online copies of particular journal articles on Google Scholar, you may still find them online or in print through the catalog. (This happens all the time!!)