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Science (multidisciplinary and technology): A Guide to Web Resources

News & Blogs


80beats is a science news aggregator from Discover Magazine. It can be viewed as a single blog or via subject: health & medicine, mind & brain, technology, space, human origins, living world, environment, and physics & math. Each subject is further divided into subcategories. 80beats is searchable and RSS feeds are available.

BBC News - Sci/Tech

Daily selection of science headlines & feature articles with a European spin.


This site is a guide to research advances in science, medicine, health, and technology as published in news briefs, the science media, and peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Nature News

The latest research news reported by Nature magazine's science writing team; continually updated.

New York Times Science Section

The science section of the New York Times features topical and current reports on the latest developments in science and technology, written by some of the best science journalists in the field.

Planet Science

New Scientist magazine produces this site packed with science news, features, and commentary; be sure to check out Strange Science for simple explanations of seemingly inexplicable phenomena.


This site provides weekly coverage of the events & phenomena that affect the Earth and its residents in the areas of astronomy, biology, geology, & meteorology.

Research Blogging

Research Blogging identifies and aggregates blog posts about serious peer-reviewed research. The posts are about real developments in science; they are not press releases or news reports. Research Blogging includes science research in biology, chemistry, computer science, geosciences, mathematics, neuroscience, physics, and other subject areas. Bloggers who want their posts aggregated must register. RSS feeds are available for all topics or by individual subject.

Science Daily

Science news items from today's headlines and links to other science sites.

Science Elements

From the American Chemical Society (ACS), Science Elements offers brief webcasts on cutting-edge discoveries described in ACS journals. In addition to chemistry, ACS journals cover topics in fields like medicine, health, nutrition, energy, and the environment.

Science in the Headlines

This National Research Council site features brief summaries on a range of issues.


ScienceBlogs is a collection of blogs in science, health & medicine, brain & behavior, and technology, along with non-science blogs covering the humanities & social sciences, education & careers, and politics. The individual blogs can be browsed by channel (subject) or the entire collection can be searched. RSS feeds are available for the entire collection, the channels, selected best posts, or individual blogs.

Science's Next Wave

An elctronic network from AAAS & Science magazine that offers information, services, and communication for scientists to navigate the rapidly changing scientific landscape.

SciTech Daily Review

Access science & technology breaking news, features, opinion and analysis, & reviews from several news sources.