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Getting Started in Social Welfare Research: Finding Articles and More

Overview of how to get started with research and sources for finding basic information

Social Welfare Databases for Finding Articles

Use the databases on this link to locate subject-specific journal articles and other materials for social welfare research topics.

Database Searching Tricks and Tips

Divide your topic into concepts or facets, and then think of all the possible terms for that concept.

   For example, "group work for people with bipolar disorder" has two concepts: (1)group work and (2)bipolar disorder. 

   Alternate terms for group work could include, group counselling, group therapy, group psychotherapy, etc. 

   Alternate terms for bipolar disorder could be manic depression, mood disorders, or affective disorders.

Search each concept separately, using OR between each alternate term:

   First search: group work OR group counselling OR group therapy

   Second search: bipolar disorder OR manic depression OR mood disorders

Use the SEARCH HISTORY to combine all concepts (combine with AND)

   If you get too few results, DROP terms

   If you get too many results ADD terms

If your database has a THESAURUS or SUBJECT HEADINGS use those to efficently identify relevant results

Subject Guide

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