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Considerations when selection a journal...

  • If you are a student, your advisor or professor may have some solid recommendations for good journals based on their own experience publishing in the field


  • Relevance of journal focus to the subject matter covered by your manuscript  - make sure that the journal will be interested in your topic!
  • Journal reputation - consider both the publisher and the societal organization that sponsors the journal
  • Consider journal Impact factor scores - these can provide some guidance on the potential value of the journal in its subject area
  • Costs - carefully consider if there are any APC charges (article processing charges). These should be clearly listed on the webpages for the journal. If there are charges, they can be high!

How to select a journal to publish your article in! (THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!)

If you are a student, or new to publishing, it can be hard to decide which journal to submit a manuscript to. What is the best journal to approach with your manuscript? What aspects should you consider? See below for some ideas on how to start the process!

APC charges - what to consider

Journals often charge APCs (article processing charges) for accepted journal article manuscripts. These costs should be clearly stated on the journal home page. 


How do I find journals that do not have APCs? One good way is to go to the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals). On the left side of the page, select "without article processing charges (APCs)". You can refine your search by subject area below that.