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Mathematics & Statistics: Library Resources

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Abstract Algebra Online

Contains many of the definitions and theorems from the area of mathematics generally called abstract algebra.

The Cambridge Dictionary of Statistics.
This dictionary provides concise definitions and explanations of over 3,500 mathematical statistics terms and concepts. Many entries include a reference to a book or an article for additional information. There is generous use of graphics throughout to help explain concepts. The Dictionary also is available in the Science Library reference section [Science REF QA 276.14 E84 2010].
The Concise Encyclopedia of Statistics.
The entries for the terms in this encyclopedia include a definition, history, mathematical details, limitations in using the terms, followed by examples, references, and relevant literature for further reading.
CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics. [SCIENCE REF QA 5 W45 1999]
A comprehensive encyclopedia of mathematics equations, terms, and derivations.
Encyclopedia of Mathematics

This version of the Encyclopedia of Mathematics is jointly published by Springer and the European Mathematical Society.  It is based on the Soviet "Mathematical Encyclopedia" and its English translation (see entry below).  It is open access in wiki format, and contains over 8,000 entries.  The encyclopedia can be searched or browsed.

Encyclopaedia of Mathematics: An Updated and Annotated translation of the Soviet "Mathematical Encyclopaedia." [SCIENCE REF QA 5 M3713 1988]
Contains 3 levels of entries: general survey articles on main topics; more specialized articles on concrete problems, techniques, and results; and brief definitions. 10 volumes.
Encyclopedia of Mathematics and Society

Containing 478 articles, this encyclopedia focuses on the fundamental science and mathematics of everyday life.  It tries to explain the how and why mathematics works.  In addition to the online version, there is a print edition in the Science Library reference collection at QA 10.7 E53 2012 (3 volumes).

English-Spanish Math Dictionary

An English to Spanish mathematics dictionary.

Handbook of Computational Statistics:  Concepts and Methods.
Divided into 4 parts, this resource covers an overview of data science, topics in the supporting field of statistical computing, statistical methodologies, and selected applications in various fields.
The Mathematical Atlas: A Gateway to Modern Mathematics

Based on the Mathematics Subject Classification hierarchy, this is a collection of short articles providing an introduction to each of the disciplines of modern mathematics. There are also links to additional information.

Mathematical Programming Glossary

This dictionary contains short discussions of hundreds of terms related to mathematical programming and optimization theory. It may be browsed or searched.

The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS)

Containing nearly 250,000 sequences, the OEIS is useful for finding information about a particular number sequence.  Enter the sequence and the OEIS will provide information about it.  There are "hints" for help and an index to browse by name of sequences. 

Oxford Reference Online: Science and Technology

Oxford Reference Online provides access to several mathematics/statistics resources. They may be searched together at the link above or separately at the links below:


PlanetMath is collaborative, online collection of mathematical knowledge. Its main feature is an encyclopedia, but it also includes research papers, books, expositions, and discussion forums.

PRIME Mathematics Encyclopedia

The Platonic Realms Interactive Mathematics Encyclopedia (PRIME) is a collection of mathematical terms and concepts in areas including algebra, calculus, discrete mathematics, geometry, graph theory, number theory, statistics, and topology. There are also biographies of a few notable mathematicians.

Wolfram MathWorld

Eric Weisstein's Wolfram MathWorld is a comprehensive and interactive mathematics encyclopedia containing over 13,000 entries along with thousands of figures and hundreds of illustrative animations.