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CIST Student Sandbox

IST 560: Library Advocacy Group

This is a resource guide to federal information policy created by students in IST 560: Information & Public Policy, Spring 2024


Welcome, the Library Advocacy Group presents this guide as a resource for libraries considering providing social worker services to their community. The guide will explore the factors that led to this service model, the steps taken at the federal level to support the idea, and the stakeholders that back this movement. 

For libraries looking to move forward, a section on funding will explore the various ways funding can be obtained. This includes grant funding, collaboration with a community resource agency, and internal funding. We will introduce action from the 118th Congress called the More Social Workers in Libraries Act that seeks to address funding. 

A case study section will explore social workers in action at several public libraries. This will tie an identified community need for such services with the service models currently in practice.