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Generative AI and Academic Integrity

The goal of this guide is to help students learn about the relationship between generative AI and academic integrity.

What is academic integrity?

Before thinking about the relationship between generative AI and academic integrity, it’s important to know what academic integrity is and what it’s for. As a student, you may have heard a lot about plagiarism and cheating but it’s valuable to know why academic integrity is important to our campus community (and any community of scholarship and learning).

Before proceeding with this guide, take a moment to review the below document, “About the Standards for Academic Integrity” for the University at Albany, with a particular focus on the section titled "What is the Standards of Academic Integrity policy?" 


(Note: This document is specific to the University at Albany. If you are a student at a different institution, your college or university will likely have a similar document to the one linked above. You may want to search your college or university's website for information on their specific academic integrity policies.)