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IST 605: Indigenous North American Folklore

Cultural Arts

Books & ebooks

Internet Archive, digital library of print material and more is a great resource when locating Native American folklore books and picture books.
The Roughface Girl is an Iroquois "Cinderella" story. The story reinforces the idea that kindness is rewarded, while selfishness is not. is a great website that offers a lot of information about Native Tennessee Americans. The interface is simple and full of links to other great resources. This is a result from a link labeled "Cherokee Stories." 
This the Cherokee legend of How the Terrapin beat the Rabbit. This "tortoise & hare" story teaches the importance of being humble.

Artic Arts Summit

Artic Arts Summit is dedicated to bring together representatives of Arctic countries and the Indigenous Nations of the Circumpolar region through arts and culture. Explore the history, art, and culture of the Artic and Alaskan Indigenous peoples.

This is the Inuit story of the Owl and the two Rabbits. This tale is told to teach the importance of parental guidance and the dangers of greed.