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IST 605: Indigenous North American Folklore

Cultural Arts


PBS has been the most trusted news and information resource. PBS's formats include website, streaming service, and public broadcast television.
Hopi & Pueblo peoples originate from the Southwest region of North America. This story is apart of PBS's "Sacred Stories Shorts." A collection of beautifully told & animated cultural stories of Native America.


YouTube is a great resource for Native American storytelling. The performance factor of storytelling makes for very entertaining and engaging videos. 

National Park Service

The National Park Service is the government agency that manages parks, monuments, all over the United States. Their website provides information about historical sites, many that are vital parts of Native American culture.

In the Great Plains, The Heart of the Monster is a site located in the Nez Perce National Historical Park, Idaho. This is the site where Coyote created the Nez Perce people.
Visit the Nez Perce National Historical site to read the tale.

Books & eBooks

Internet Archive is a free online library for print materials and more.
Joseph Bruchac's Native American Stories is a collection of myths of the natives cultures of North America. This is an amazing resource, it is clearly organized & contains many Indigenous folktales of North America. The book features Creation Stories from the Abenaki (Northeast), Onondaga (Northeast), & Navajo (Southwest) peoples. 

Google Books also is a great resource in locating books to barrow, buy, or download. 
This is a book of myths & legends from the Great Plains region of North America. Starting with creation stories from the Osage & Cherokee, this book has a collection of many different stories from many different tribes, complete with photographs & illustrations. is an online database providing information on Native American language, history, art, and more. This database is ideal for specific tribe folklore searches. The site provides direct links to resources and more. 

This is a creation story from the Choctaw tribe, Southeast region of Native America. 

Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

The Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Heritage is a research center of the Smithsonian Institution. The center allows for the public to search archives and more. The center promotes greater understanding and sustainability of cultural heritage across the U.S.

This is from the Festival Blog, an article about how a Native puppet theater produced a production of the story of the Osage Homelands.