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IST 605: Indigenous North American Folklore

Cultural Arts

Tribal Website

Tribal websites are valuable resources to learning and understanding Indigenous North American culture. 
The Oneida originate from the Northeast region of America. The Legend of How Bear Lost His Tail. Oneida Indian Nation member Brooke Thomas (Wolf Clan) reads this favorite legend in this short animated video. Check out the other myths provided on the page! 

Books & ebooks

Internet Archive is a digital library that provides free access to print material, audio, websites, and more. 
Joseph Bruchac's How Chipmunk Got His Stripes is a picture book that retells the Iroquois legend of how Chipmunk got his stripes. The Iroquois are from the Northeast region of America. 

Project Guntenberg is a library containing over 70,000 free ebooks and is a great resource. Here, you can locate books with collections of folklore.
This book contains a vast amount of Senaca folktales. 

Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Museums are a great resources to visit in person and online when exploring cultures. Many museums contain Indigenous exhibits and artifacts spark engagement and discovery.

The Anishinaabe or Ojiwbe people originate from the Northeast region of America. This Anishinaabe legend is "How Porcupine Got Its Quills." Storyteller Elder Hazel leads us in this First Nation's tale. Check out more storytelling videos provided by the Royal Saskatchewan Museum’s YouTube channel. 

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress (LOC) is the largest library in the world. It contains film, text, images, newspaper, and more.
The Choctaw people originate from the Southeast woodlands of America. The Library of Congress & the American Folklore Center present Tim Tingle & D.J. Battiest-Tomasi, Choctaw musicians & storytellers. This 1 hour performance features stories & music from the Choctaw. Tim Tingle tells the story of how Rabbit got his tail - 15:14 of the video


YouTube has a vast amounts of Native American stories. The platform invites creative and entertaining content for everyone to enjoy.
The Navajo originate from the Southwest. This is a short animated film that tells the story of how the stars came to be. is an online database that provides information and stories from America. The database contains thousands of legends & myths from the Native Americans.

This is a Cherokee legend found through the site.