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IST 605: Indigenous North American Folklore

Cultural Arts

Britannica School

Encyclopedias have been trusted resources for many years. Britannica School provides information readily accessible to students and educators. Britannica School offers tailored encyclopedia pages for Elementary, Middle, & High school levels. Britannica School is proved by NOVELNY and is accessible through NY public schools & libraries.

Understanding the history and the ways of life of Indigenous peoples of North America is very important when examining their folklore. 

Map of the regions of Indigenous North America from 


National Geographic Kids

Explore the tribes of the many regions of Indigenous North American with National Geographic Kids. National Geographic Kids website is a great resource to learn about Native Americans. Here, the difference of "indigenous" versus "native" is crucial to the search (remember the search tip?).


Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia online, created and edited by volunteers around the world. With verified sources, this online encyclopedia is very useful in research of Native North American folklore, history, and more. This entry provides information about Native North Americans.