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IST 605: Social Anxiety in Teens and Young Adults

Resources for Dutchess County, NY high school students in grades 9-12 who may be experiencing or want to learn more about social anxiety.

Using Databases as a Teen Researcher

The Cincinatti Public Library has a great "Teen How To" video on using databases for research projects. Closed captioning is available.


Database Resources for Social Anxiety

Now that you've watched the Teen How To, it's time to begin looking for articles, books, magazines, and other resources on social anxiety disorder in teens and young adults.  The databases above are a wonderful starting point, but remember; you may need to input multiple search terms in order to find the information you are looking for.

Ms. McClune's Search Term Tips

1. Ask for help if you need it, but embrace mistakes you may make as you research.

2. Keep your search terms simple but specific; if you cast too big a net, it will be hard to sift through the information you find.  If you're too specific, it may be difficult to find what you are looking for.

3. Keep an eye on publication dates.  What the scientific and medical communities know about social anxiety has changed a lot since 1965, so it may be wiser to use an article written more recently.

4. Consider the source you find and whether the author or publication has any reason to be biased.  

5. Consider your own bias and whether you want to use a source because it proves an opinion you already have as right.


Social Anxiety Search Terms

Stuck and don't know what to put into your search?  Here are a few terms to get you started.

- Social Anxiety

- Social Anxiety Disorder

- Social Anxiety in teens

- Social Anxiety in high school

- Social Anxiety in young adults

- Anxiety Disorders

- Types of anxiety disorders

- Mindfulness 

- Mindfulness and social anxiety

- Mindfulness for teens

Library Catalog Search: Social Anxiety


Library catalog searches can initially seem overwhelming, but they're a breeze once you get used to them!  Let's review some steps to find resources about social anxiety within the Mid-Hudson Library System Online Catalog.

Step 1: Open up the Online Catalog

Step 2: Type in any of the following terms: social anxiety, teen social anxiety, social anxiety disorder

Step 3: Go to "Refine By" in the lefthand column and mark "Young Adult" under the Collection heading.

Step 4: Look through what you find, and feel free to refine by format (i.e., books, magazines, eBooks, etc.)

Step 5: Email me at to let me know what you've found or if you need a Google Meet to review.