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IST 605: Genrefying School Libraries

To Dewey or not to Dewey, that is the question:Published research to assist school librarians with how to best organize their library collection.

Blog: 10 Steps to Genre-fy Your Library!


In this Blog by Kelsey Bogan, School Librarian and YA book-talker, documents her journey of genrefying the library's collection at her high school in the hopes of helping other librarians who are thinking about doing the same. Although Ms. Bogan is a high school librarian, her step-by-step post poses questions to determine if you should or shouldn't genrefy that would also apply to elementary and middle school librarians, and also gives tips for weeding- an essential part of reorganizing any library collection regardless of grade level. Kelsey Bogan's blog is fun to read and full of valuable information in an easy-to-follow format.

10 Steps to Genre-fy Your Library! by Kelsey Bogan

Blog: Fiction Genrefication at the Elementary School Level

Fiction Genrefication at the Elementary School Level by Colleen Lee

Former English teacher and current Elementary Librarian and blogger Colleen Lee, talks about the struggles of- and her reasons for- choosing to genrefy her school library, as well as the benefits to teachers and students of doing so.

Blog: Removing Barriers to Access

Removing Barriers to Access by Iris Eichenlaub

"The idea of genrefying a library’s collection- whether it’s called 'Dewey Light', 'ditching Dewey', or 'bookstore model'- is appealing because it empowers users to help themselves" (Eichenlaub, 2018). Eichenlaub talks about how genrefication is helpful to ELLs, reluctant readers, and students with learning disabilities and because of this, she knew she wanted to genrefy. What was holding her back, however, was the fact that it seemed to be such a herculean task. She found a solution to that problem, and genrefied her school library in bits and pieces throughout the school year instead of in one overwhelming summer project. I included this blog because she provides so many links to additional resources that will be helpful to someone wanting to genrefy, but afraid to take on the task.