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IST 605: Genrefying School Libraries

To Dewey or not to Dewey, that is the question:Published research to assist school librarians with how to best organize their library collection.

Why weeding is important

Weeding is an essential part of maintaining a library collection. If you are considering reorganizing your collection, take the time to weed first, as this will save you time, open up vital shelf space for your newly grouped books, will ensure that the collection remains current, and will help you to better understand your collection as a whole. The following resources will assist you in the weeding process of your school library at any level (K-12).

FRESH is best!

Jennifer LaGarde's website can be found here.

Image Credit: Jennifer LaGarde

Book: The Weeding Handbook

Vnuk, R. (2015). The Weeding Handbook : A Shelf-by-Shelf Guide. ALA Editions.

Video: Feel the Need to Weed!