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IST 605: Genrefying School Libraries

To Dewey or not to Dewey, that is the question:Published research to assist school librarians with how to best organize their library collection.

Genrefication 101

Genrefication of a school library can be a daunting task. This book, written by an elementary school librarian who personally took over the genrefication of her school library five years ago, is an excellent tool for librarians who are wondering how to win over reluctant administrators, who would like suggestions for a variety of ways to genrefy, and those who need tips to help the transition go smoothly. Holladay and Barron (2018) also discuss the ever-popular questions: "is genrefication really making a difference for users?", and "Will our readers be damaged for life if we don’t teach them how to function in 'traditional' library organization?".


Holladay, L. & Barron, S. (2018). Genrefication 101: A School Librarian's Quick Guide on How to Genrefy the Library. HowExpert.