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UAlbany's Draft Open Access (OA) Policy

Information for the University at Albany community about the draft Open Access Policy

Draft Policy at a Glance

This policy aims to protect your rights so you can share your work openly. 

This policy does not require you to publish in specific journals or share your research against your wishes.

You do not transfer copyright with this policy. You grant the University a nonexclusive license.

There is a no-questions-asked waiver provision built into the policy's language. 

With this policy, you will be able to 

  • Share, teach with, and distribute your work freely 
  • Broaden your scholarship's reach, increase your scholarship's impact
  • Support our institution's commitment to publicly engaged research more fully
  • Encourage a more open, robust, equitable scholarly ecosystem

If you have any questions, the Libraries are here to help. Please contact us at

Peer Institutions with Similar Policies

Find a list of peer institutions with similar rights retention ("Harvard style") policies and their adoption dates.

  • Georgia Institute of Technology, November 27, 2012
  • Stony Brook University, February 6, 2017
  • University of California, July 24, 2013; strengthened, October 26, 2015
  • The University of Hawaii-Manoa, Faculty Senate December 2010, Final adoption March 2012
  • University of Oregon, Library Faculty, May 7, 2009; Department of Romance Languages, May 14, 2009

Find a complete list of institutions with Harvard-style policies at Good practices for university open-access policies.


The URI Open Access Policy LibGuide, by the University of Rhode Island, and Author Frequently Asked Questions, by Harvard Library's Office for Scholarly Communication, used under CC BY, modified with thanks. With additional thanks to Anneliese Taylor and Richard Schneider, and the Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication, University of California, San Francisco Academic Senate (May 2012), for permission to reuse their FAQs and additional policy-related materials.