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Zombie Survival Guide

In the case of a zombie apocalypse you'll want to stock up on supplies. But good research skills could be your best asset. Be prepared with some helpful tips and resources from the University at Albany Libraries.

Survival Search Tips

Need information on how to survive in a disaster zone?

It can be useful to search for books about surviving other types of disasters, such as tornadoes, shipwrecks and virus outbreaks. Knowing basic survival skills can help you in the case of a zombie attack.

Use the tabs above to learn about searching for web resources, books and articles.

Stay Safe!

Luckily, you don't need to venture out into danger to research your zombie foes. You can use the University Libraries' electronic resources from right where you are - on campus, at home, or hiding out in a bunker. 

For off-campus access all you need is an internet connection and your NetID and password .