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IST 605: UFOs: A Human Story

This is a guide to exploring primary sources and firsthand accounts of UFO experiencers.

UFOs: A Human Story

Often labeled as  "fringe," the topic of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) or UAPs (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena), as they are now often referred to, is eminently human in scope. Those who have witnessed UAPs, as well as those who have been active in shaping their cultural narrative, have grappled with questions that speak to the very nature of existence, consciousness, and physical reality. Moreover, the effects left on some witnesses or experiencers range from positive, life-altering states to extreme PTSD, and, in some cases, physical trauma. While information regarding UFOs or UAPs is often framed from a historical or governmental viewpoint, the purpose of this guide is to re-center the research perspective from the experiencer's eye, where the wealth of data lies. With this in mind, the resources and materials provided here concentrate on access to firsthand accounts and contemporary/primary sources.