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CIST Student Sandbox

IST 605: Nursing Resources

This guide has been designed for new nursing students. It contains introductory resources to assist you with your studies.

Tips for Searching in Databases

For effective searching in databases you will need to build a search query. This query is made up of essential terms that will appear within the indexed content of potential resources. Boolean operators can be used to connect terms.

  • Basic BOOLEAN search may include: Migraines AND Treatment
  • Scan relevant articles for search terms you can use to create a new query
  • Use the the folder or save history feature (you many need to set up an account to do this) to keep track of search terms you've used.
  • Use the thesaurus in the platform to find other terms 
    • In CINAHL called CINAHL subject headings
    • in PubMed and Medline use MESH headings at the bottom of search page
    • in Health Source use subjects at the top
    • for Web of Science start with a basic BOOLEAN search and slowly build your query


Use the databases below to find articles, tutorials, evidence-based care sheets, continuing education modules and more!

  • TIP: Use the help function in these platforms to access customized help with optimizing your search.
  • Access the full list of nursing recommended databases:   Nursing Database Collection

Basic Searching in CINAHL

This tutorial provides some instruction on basic searching using the CINAHL database. CINAHL has lots of functionality and search parameters can be set before the search is executed and filtered once results are retrieved.

Using MeSH Terms

Many of the databases will provide better search results if you replace your search terms with Medical Subject Headings or MeSH. These are official terms that are used in the indexing of articles and other content in databases. The tutorial below explains the benefits and use of medical subject headings so you can retrieve more relevant results.