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British Parliamentary Papers

Pre-19th Century

19th Century

20th Century to Current

The University Libraries have the following on Readex microcards in the Storage area of the Science Library:  British Sessional Papers. House of Commons (1731-1979). Indexes to this set, also in microcard format, are shelved in the basement of the University Library in GovDoc Ref. A microcard reader is available in the University Library in the Lower Level Lab.

The Libraries have several resources pertaining to official U.K. publications. The following may be helpful with regard to parliamentary papers:

  • Bond's Guide to the Records of Parliament, shelved in GovDoc Ref CD 1063 .B63
  • Ford's Guide to Parliamentary Papers, shelved at Z 2009.A1 F6 1972A.
  • Ford List of British Parliamentary Papers 1965-1974 . . ., shelved at Z 2009.A1 F59
  • Catalogue of Parliamentary Papers, 1801-1900 . . ., shelved at Z 2009 .K55 1972
  • Checklist of British Parliamentary Papers . . . 1801-1899, shelved at Oversized * Z 2019 .I73
  • General index to the Bills, Reports and papers . . . 1900-1948/49 & 1959/60-1968/69, shelved in GovDoc Ref J 301.Z999 G45X