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Copyright: The Law and Guidelines


The compilation of links on this page is intended to enable you to find out how current copyright law affects the use of intellectual property. Under U.S. laws, you have rights to use intellectual property for educational (non-profit) activities called "fair use" rights. These rights are restricted rights, and so it is a good idea to become familiar with both the fair use rights and the restrictions of copyright that apply to educational activities. The Copyright Law of the United States pages provide links to the statute that describes fair use rights: Title 17 Chapter 1, Section 107.

Explore several web pages and documents regarding fair use by clicking on Fair Use in the left sidebar. 

If you are a University at Albany faculty member and would like to arrange a presentation regarding copyright or fair use in your class, please send an email to

Copyright Services at University at Albany Libraries

The University Libraries supports education and guidance on the application of copyright law to facilitate teaching and research by providing:

  • Informational responses to copyright questions
  • Customized presentations for the classroom
  • Advising on Fair Use and TEACH compliance in the classroom and online
  • Guidance on the reproduction and distribution of scholarly work
  • Copyright permissions requests assistance
  • Online information and resources
  • Information on how to register a copyright
  • Assistance with appropriate citations