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Getting Started With Canva

Canva is a free image editing tool that can be used for library marketing and event promotion.

Canva's Pricing Structure

You can use Canva's drag and drop image editor for free using the Free Forever plan.  For collaborative editing and brand features such as brand colors and fonts, the Canva for Work plan.  Larger entities will get the most out of the Enterprise plan. 

*No matter what plan, there are lots of images and templates in Canva that cost money to use. The cost is $1 per deluxe element. 

Canva's pricing structure

The Canva Dashboard

From your Canva Dashboard you can

  • create a new design with custom dimensions or start with a template
  • view all items you have created
  • make duplicates of items to edit
  • delete items you no longer need
  • view items that have been shared with you by colleagues


With a Canva For Work account, there are additional options such as

  • Creating a team
  • Adding elements such as fonts, logos and color pallets to your brand
  • Searching for additional templates

Canva dashboard

Canva Dashboard